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      Exhaust Gas Analysers

      Exhaust Gas Analysers are used in automotive industry for the measurement of gases including carbon monoxide in the exhaust released by vehicles. Lambda coefficient measurement is the main purpose of these analyzers to ensure that incorrect combustion is not happening. These results can be evaluated to diagnose engine performance and other related issues. The provided analyzers can be used to detect oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and hydrocarbons. Ideal for old engines which emit high quantity of carbon monoxide. This instrument is also helpful if users are researching the small effects of fuel additives and engine modifications to design engines that are highly efficient.

      Key Features of Exhaust Gas Analysers:

      • Fast response time of these instruments helps in analyzing results within no time.
      • Frame of the instrument is made from corrosion resistant material for longer operation life.
      • These have extensive usage in automotive industry for checking the exhaust quality of different vehicles.
      • LED screen is provided so that users can easily note down the results.