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      Gas Detectors Controllers

      In order to ensure highest level of safety, Gas Detector Controllers are installed in chemical laboratories and industries where it is important to keep a check on gases. These can be connected to alarms, fans and sirens. You can also interface these with PLCs, auto-dialer systems and DCSs. This is an advanced microprocessor-based monitoring system that can be used with all flame-detection and gas-sensor products of different types and models. Based on analog outputs, our detectors and sensors can operate in various combinations. These controllers can be used at any facility for monitoring and detecting flame, gas concentrations and fire conditions. After being programmed with the desired thresholds, these systems will transmit in the form of LED light and sound as well as signals to responding devices including warning systems emergency shutdown controls, automatic sprinkler systems and ventilation systems.

      Key Features:
      • These controllers are easy to set up and use.
      • Its ergonomic industrial design ensures that it is suited to various industries.
      • Highly versatile controllers as these can be used with a variety of devices.
      • These can be connected to four relay modules for a total of 64 additional relays.