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      Portable Gas Detectors
      The Portable Gas detectors that we provide to our customers is widely used in many schools, offices, residential building, commercial buildings, etc as the first line of defence against a fire hazard. This is widely demanded as it clearly alerts the people about potential risk or leakage, thus enabling them to take proper action. Being very easy to program and use, it is perfect to be used in different kinds of adverse environments. This sensor has the ability to accurately sense leakage of various gases like hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, etc. This Portable Gas detectors is available in different specifications according to the needs of our customers.

      • It has an easy to use interface, which makes it simple to operate.
      • Being very compact in nature, it is very easy to install.
      • The clever design and rugged construction ensures superior durability.
      • It requires little to no maintenance.
      Fixed Gas Detection Systems

      Our Fixed Gas Detection Systems is widely demanded in the market for providing additional levels of security. It helps in the prevention of oxygen deficiency and contamination, the result is not affected by the presence of humidity, pressure, etc.

      Respiratory Air Detectors

      The Respiratory Air Detectors that we provide to our customers is widely used to check the level of contamination in breathing or provided air. This is widely demanded by our numerous customers for its rugged design, smooth functioning and extended durability.

      Fixed Gas Monitoring System

      The Fixed Gas Monitoring System that we provide to our customers is sued an additional level of security over various industries. The high quality gas sensors help in effectively detecting gas leakages and the presence of carbon monoxide in the air.

      Leak Rate Detectors

      The  Leak Rate Detectors  that we provide to our customers is the latest technology in the industry. It is widely demanded as it uses an advanced micro thermal conductivity method in order to detect even the minutest of leakages. Further, the GUI makes it very easy to use and operate.

      Air Quality Analyser

      The Air Quality Analyser that we provide to our customers is widely used in various industries for the analyzing and quality assurance of breathing or provided air. The offered product is widely used in many

      Flue Gas Analyzer

      The Flue Gas Analyzer that we provide to our customers is sued for various high pressure combustion applications. It is widely demanded owing to its clever OS which has the capability to communicate through cleverly designed USB and bluetooth features.

      Aerosol Monitors

      The Aerosol Monitors that we provide is highly appreciated for its early warning system and initiation of the necessary prevention and control methods. Further, it is widely demanded owing to its hassle free performance, clever design, extended service life and other such factors.

      Environmental Monitors

      The Environmental Monitors that we provide to our customers is applied for the detection of leakage or emission of a number of different gases over various industries. The enclosure of this monitor is made of the best quality SS, which makes it resistant to rust, corrosion and other such factors.

      Corrosion Monitoring Systems

      The Corrosion Monitoring Systems that we provide to our customers is widely used in various industries to study the effect of various gases on different kinds of metal. Further, it is preferred for its precise results and compact design, which makes it very portable.

      Oxygen Analyser

      The Oxygen Analyzer that we provide to our customers is widely appreciated for its super fast processing time and accurate and reliable results. It can be easily controlled using a one touch GUI interface.

      Respiratory Air Monitors

      The Respiratory Air Monitors that we provide to our customers is widely appreciated for its compact design, ease in operation, efficiency and other such factors. This is used in various buildings for the uninterrupted and stringent monitoring of the supplied breathing air.

      Temperature Measuring Instrument

      The Temperature Measuring Instrument that we provide is sued for high temperature reading and recording purposes in various industries. The camera of this product acclimates easily and is sure to provide clearer and sharper images.

      Calibration And Testing Monitors

      The Calibration And Testing Monitors that we provide has a cleverly designed system for the detection of carbon monoxide and organic vapor. It is widely appreciated for its precise design, rugged construction , smooth functioning and other such factors.

      Gas Detectors Controllers

      The Gas Detector Controllers that we provide to our customers is widely used in the chemical and other gas handling sectors in order to provide an additional level of security. These controllers can be used at any facility for monitoring and detecting flame, gas concentrations and fire conditions.

      Exhaust Gas Analysers

      The Exhaust Gas Analysers that we provide is used in automotive industry for the measurement of gases including carbon monoxide in the exhaust released by vehicles. Fast response time of these instruments helps in analyzing results within no time.

      Testing & Measuring Equipment

      The Testing & Measuring Equipment is widely used for the testing and measuring of a number of different types of emissions. It provides high degree of calibration for accurate and precise results. A variety of detectors are available for different types of gases.