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      Testing & Measuring Equipment

      Used in numerous verticals for testing and measuring emitted gases, these equipments can be used for a detailed analysis of environmental conditions and to ensure that the gases emitted by a factory/process is within the permissible levels. A variety of detectors are available for different types of gases. Some of the applications of these equipments include detection and measurement of cargo vapour in air and inert gas, to measure the concentration of gas in or near the flammable range. Calibration is an important point to be kept in the mind while dealing with these equipments. Instruments must always be checked, zeroed and spanned where applicable before every use as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

      Key Features of Testing & Measuring Equipment:

      • A variety of equipments are available for application specific requirements.
      • High degree of calibration is required to evaluate precise results.
      • Evaluated results can be used to make sure that the gases and liquids in an area/ system are in accordance with the standards of industry.